Defining Canvas

Canvas is a four piece band and is the vision of guitarists Ged Brockie and Mike Nisbet. Canvas performs original music with the guitar at the heart of the music. Bassist John Allan and percussionist Brian MacLeod complete the band as we explore new compositional ideas and avenues of expression.

Canvas Membership

Our free membership area will include unreleased tracks, downloads of the notated music of Canvas, interviews with the band, behind the scenes video, discounted and pre-release CD/mp3s and more. Join up and get to know the band, it’s music and direction in our free membership area.

Art & Music

Canvas is a stand alone group and performs as such, but we want to reach out and work with artists from around the world. The graphic and video output on our website is all represented as art which shows our intent. Working with artists could take the form of composing to artwork, live performance of new music to an artists work or indeed simply exchanging website links.